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Path-breaking, Proactive, Pragmatic- is what encapsulate the development-centric diplomatic initiatives and outreach of the PUBLIC DIPLOMACY FORUM led by the Founder president Mrs Ratan Kaul and Shilpa Raina Wahal & team with an eclectic erudite board of ADVISORS. The Patron in chief of PDF is Padma Vibhushan SONAL MANSINGH JI. The dynamic duo of two Kashmiris who are on a drive of out-of-box thinking, boldness of vision and energetic execution has reignited the ‘Indian Women Empowerment’ story.

PUBLIC DIPLOMACY FORUM a civil society organization [PDF] has a tradition to host meaningful and socially and politically relevant projects, programs & seminars. In an increasingly global world civil society organizations such as PDF are indispensable partners for international efforts at the country level as well. Several such events including the observance and celebrations of International Days such as International women day, Environment Day, Peace Day, World Habitat Day etc have been organized in the past by PDF One of the mandates of PDF is to promote international cooperation and fellowship with other countries hence PDF has hosted several Ambassadors and High Commissioners to give illustrated talks on their respective countries which have been highly appreciated and very well received by the media as well. Many such meetings have been arranged at the Parliament House, India International Center, Habitat Center, Islamic Center and at the conference centers of The Imperial, Le Meredien etc.

PDF has proven itself to be a major player in shaping evolving debates across issues, ranging from global governance reforms, climate change, and world peace.



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        Images of the inaugural issue of TATSAT Chronicle              Showing June 2021 Hard Copy

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Rattan Kaul_Affiliations_Tatsat chronicle June edition

TATSAT Chronicle- June 2021 Edition